Caterpillar’s Alchemy

How often do you see a Caterpillar crawling through your well-tended plants, and curse it, for the damage it’ll do? Or, have you even ‘disposed’ of it, or been tempted to; in a manner, which wouldn’t be considered humane?

When you see something big, hairy and wiggly crawl across your path, do you immediately consider it a garden pest, or do you look at it; as a creature that will ‘shortly’ transmute into some beautiful? Something striking, that will only add to the beauty of your garden?

We’ve learnt through the years, whether at school or through another means, that a caterpillar will eventually become a butterfly, or a moth, much the same way a tadpole becomes a frog, but; unless we’re spiritually aware, we’d never consider how beneficial; Caterpillar’s appearance could be to our lives.

In Australia, we’re at the tail-end of winter and spring is starting to come into view, flowers are blossoming, and birds are happily courting a mate, so I shouldn’t have been surprised to see caterpillars, of all sizes on a daily basis, cavorting amongst the plants, some days, I’ve even seen 3 or 4. One after the other………it was a revelation though; to see a caterpillar crawl along a spiritual finger – during a meditation – and subsequently clamber onto my shoulder, then sit on his tail (do they have tails?), whilst reaching towards my face.

I figured Spirit had a message for me, that wasn’t divulged at the time, so I did a little research and discovered that Caterpillar is symbolic of:

• Transmutation like a caterpillar, into something beautiful.
• The ability to create a sturdy foundation, for a wonderful future.
• The ability to be discreet and to hide one’s secrets, as well keep one’s head down – be invisible.
• Great potential & good luck, when starting something new.
• New Birth & evolution – transforming your life for the better.
• Imbues the ability to patiently wait, for a pleasant outcome.
• Enables one to face forwards to the future, not backwards to the past.
• Listening to your intuition, before running ahead with a new goal or dream.
• Sensitivity and creativity.

Also, caterpillar’s appearance could imply:

• We’re not changing, or shedding our old life to prepare for new one.
• Someone could be obstructing us, but may not be open about it, therefore we need the ability to see others pragmatically, or as they really are – caterpillar can help with this.
• The acceptance that; when our life changes, it may not be comfortable, or recognisable.

When considering, caterpillar, it’s also worth looking at Butterfly’s spiritual message:

• Transformation and transition, from one life to another.
• Spiritual growth and resurrection.
• The Soul – in some traditions, the sighting of a butterfly signifies the passing of a soul, over to Spirit. It’s said they carry the spirit of the dead to Heaven.
• It can signify the; emergence of happiness and joy in your life, together with life’s celebration. Or, it may be asking you to look for the joy in your life if you’ve misplaced it. We all do, on occasion.
• The cyclical nature of life, similar to the Wheel of Fortune in Tarot – sometimes are lives are ‘up’ and sometimes; they’re ‘down’.
• It’s time to become more spiritually minded – the elevation of our spiritual self.

So next time you’re about to step on a little wiggly creature, ask yourself; what he may be telling you.

Oh, and just a little codicil to this post; today, I rescued 3 wasps. Two were attempting to drown them-selves in the pool, and a 3rd was wandering around the kitchen – I guess, I’d better check to see what they’re here to disclose……as long as it doesn’t come with a sting, even a metaphorical one……

And, should I mention that; a few days ago, I had a dream involving a Tortoise climbing some stairs, whilst wearing a train conductor’s hat…..The start of a children’s story, maybe?

Conversations With Our Spirit Guides

Sentient Metaphysics

Contacting Our Spirit Guides

Conversation with spirit

Connecting With Our Spirit Guides

Spirit guides come in many forms, depending on the life path you have chosen before coming to Earth and how quickly you wish to grow, as a spiritual being. They may be your Great Grandmother or Grandfather or a spirit being that has transcended life on school house earth, or both. The willingness to learn and how old your soul is, determines the guides that you have around you.

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Chakra Meditation & Quick Aura Cleansing

This post originated, after a request from a fellow psychic on WordPress, who’s become an online friend…’ll know who you are. Sorry, I didn’t get this meditation emailed to you a little quicker, as we all know ‘life can be a little manic’ some days, but that’s probably when a meditation is called for.

This type of meditation can be very involved at times, as it’s possible to enter all your chakras to give them a quick dusting. And, for the more advanced practitioners, there are centres within our aura, and above our head, that can be frequently visited, for further insight.

For today’s purpose though, I’m just giving you a general opening and closing process, as it’s invaluable for maintaining contact with mother earth, and to enable you to get used to working with your energy centres.

Chakra Meditation –

  • Sit in a safe, quiet place, with your feet planted firmly on the floor. Close your eyes, allow yourself to gently breathe in and out until your breath is calm and relaxed.
  • Take your consciousness to the base of your spine, and visualise a golden cord appear from your base chakra. This cord; will lengthen, and stretch below your body as it continues to grow. it will travel through the floor and all the layers of the earth, until it reaches the planet’s core.
  • Anchor this cord, to a rock that you will find situated; dead-centre. You can use a peg, a chain, or just tie it on, it’s your preference.
  • Once secured, earth energy will proceed up the cord, and enter your base chakra, opening and filling it completely. When the base it full, the energy will travel up to your Sacral, then Solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown centres by turn. Opening and filling them as it goes.
  • When your centres are wide-open, visualise above your head, spirit hands holding a goblet of divine golden light…….this goblet will start to tip, and spirit will pour the light into your crown centre. It will overflow, and fall into your brow, throat and heart centres, filling them as it goes (It will stop at the heart. It will not descend into your lower centres).
  • On completion, when your 4 higher centres are full of spiritual light, take your consciousness to the third eye, and spend however much time you wish there, conversing with your guides, angels, or meeting power animals.
  • When you’re ready to close down, thank any spirits for appearing, and for listening to your concerns if that’s what occurred.
  • Take your consciousness to your crown centre, watch as it closes up (if you see a door, with a bolt, that’s fine, if you see a wheel shrink in on itself, that’s also fine. It’s your choice).
  • When the centre is tightly closed, place a seal of some kind on top of the closed centre. It can be a religious icon, a flower, a gold star, anything……again, your choice.
  • Proceed to close and seal all your centres, except the base. Circle that centre with gold light and allow it to remain connected to mother earth. You can then call up earth energy whenever needed, whilst remaining grounded.
  • When finished, picture a gauzy cloth of gold, drop from above, falling down and around your body. As the material hits the floor, the hem will curl upwards, and begin to rise, peeling all negative, harmful or destructive energy from your aura (like flypaper), returning it to spirit….whilst in process, the cloth will resemble the letter ‘U’, as it rises from the floor.
  • When this cleanse is completed, finish your meditation by enclosing yourself in your protection bubble. Please refer to:

I hope this meditation helps you, it’s something I use on a regular basis, and when working with clients I always open my centres this way and subsequently close them after the session is over.

Fractal 6

Tips To Know If You Are An Indigo Child!

Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

Indigo childDo you or your children have a strong sense of intuition? Do you constantly think outside the box? Do you see auras or angels fairly easily? Then you may be an Indigo child, responsible for changing the world into a better place.

While all children are born to be unique and special individuals, Indigo children are capable of displaying amazing feats of intelligence and intuition that display an even deeper inner knowing. In a psychic reading, the Indigo child is recognized by his or her aura, which is a unique, deep indigo hue. This color is indicative of the Third Eye Chakra, which represents intuition and psychic ability. These children are very often labeled as being “gifted”, and are wise beyond their years. While the concept is primarily metaphysical in nature, Indigo Children may possess physically observable traits that also reveal their classification as an “indigo child.” Many have…

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10 Ways to Use the Human Body as a Divination Tool.

We’re all aware that our body is an incredible piece of equipment, although some of us may consider our own; not so incredible? We know it’s capable of feats of physical endurance, and can have an amazing thirst for knowledge; not that we all use our bodies for such things.

To function effectively; our body needs to consume food and water as fuel, and have a certain amount of hours sleep a night, although some bodies seem to require more or less of each, not necessarily through choice……we’ve all craved something; mainly chocolate if you’re a woman, and we’ve all had the odd sleepless night.

We came into the world attached to this remarkable mechanism, but were you aware; it has other more esoteric uses?  For example: did you know you have ‘yes’ and ‘no’ intuition spots situated on your body enabling you to answer simple questions? Or, that there are parts of your body can be used as divination tools, and I don’t mean by a pathologist, nor do I refer to well-known techniques, such as; palmistry (palm-reading), or phrenology (reading the bumps on your head), in fact in ancient times, there wasn’t a part of our body a diviner wouldn’t ‘read’.


Amniomancy – On occasion a child will be born with a piece of the amniotic sac attached to their face, or head. This will look like a piece of filmy membrane, and is commonly known as a caul. A child born with one is generally known as a ‘caulbearer’, and it may have a vibrant hue, possibly red, or at times it could be a dull greyish colour.

In days gone past, it was believed that the more energetic the colour, the more exciting life the child would have. Unfortunately the opposite is true, if the new-born’s caul consists of a drearier colour.

Depending on cultural tradition, an infant bearing a caul was said to be gifted with good luck – much like having your own, personal good fairy, I guess? – It was also said; the child would be protected from witchcraft throughout their life, the assumption being that all witchcraft is evil.

During medieval times, it was alleged that if you possessed a baby’s caul, you would be protected from drowning. I gather there was a good market industry going, particularly between mothers and sailors.

A more superstitious train of thought, believed ‘caulbearers’ could glimpse the future, much like an oracle, or even see spirit, and in a totally off the wall idea; it was alleged they would become vampires later in life.


Gastromancy – When our stomach growls in hunger, we assume it’s telling us we need to eat, but to a small group of ancient practitioners it would actually have been telling us something else.

It was believed that a low rumbling voice could be heard in the stomach, and this ‘speech’ was interpreted to address any life concerns…..this is said to be; the fore-bearer of modern day ventriloquism.

One method of gastromancy required the client to stand in front of a glass of water through which light was reflected. This supposedly; created images on the glass said to come from the stomach, for this reason gastromancy could be considered a form of scrying, particularly when it relates to round bulbous-shaped objects.

It might be wise, to listen hard in future when someone says “my stomach’s talking to me” as they may not be speaking metaphorically.

Gyromancy – Do you remember being a child, and spinning around and around in a circle until you became so dizzy, you stumbled and fell in a heap on the floor. Well in ancient times, you’d be whirled in the centre of a circle  cast of alphabetical letters, and wherever you fell, the letters cushioning your fall, were ‘read’ and your fortune told….can you imagine, landing on X, Y & Z?

Another method; involved spinning the client around, until they fell on the ground exhausted, whilst the diviner stood waiting to see what mutterings came out of their mouth…..a spinning room, and unintelligible ramblings, sounds like; a bit too much mead to me.

Labiomancy – Nowadays, this would be known as lip-reading, and it’s a very useful tool forensically and for those with a hearing impediment, but many years ago the movement, shape and colour of the lips were considered significant and it allowed a well-practiced believer to supply answers to many questions……thank goodness, there was no such thing as ‘trout-pout’ back then.


Lunomancy – Stand outside on a moonlit night, let a person coat your face, and their hands with silver dust, and then subsequently allow them to read the shapes and shadows that appear superimposed on your skin, and you’ll be attempting this rarely used form of selenomancy (moon-reading).

Be aware though, that you cannot be positioned so that your ‘best side’ is showing. It has to be; a totally casual positioning to get the most affective reading, and the preference is; for the reading to be carried out on the night of a full moon.

Metopomancy – Those of us that haven’t visited a Botox clinic, may be used to seeing a few wrinkles on our forehead, but in the 1500’s it was even suggested; these lines may be indicative of our character and were represented by the known planets, at that time.

Any defined line had a specific meaning, much like palmistry, it didn’t matter if they were; wavy, broken, crossed, formed a triangle, or were just long, straight or parallel, your little personality traits would be uncovered.

Moleosophy – A large percentage of the human race, have a mole of some shape or size, on their body, and depending on the location, the colour, and physical characteristics; your little idiosyncrasies could be determined. For example, it’s said people with a mole on their buttocks may be un-ambitious, but find one on your ear, and you could be considered quite lucky.

On the other-hand birthmarks can be attributed to a past-life death modus-operandi, and will frequently be addressed when having a regression session.

Physiognomancy – This system of body-reading involved our facial features, and was a popular practice in ancient Greece, and allegedly written about by philosophers, allowing the process to spread further afield.

It was believed that our face relates to one of seven planetary types, depending on its size and shape. For example: the Venus face, is said to have a beautiful countenance, with perfect features and a lovely smile.

The method was quite involved and required your visage to be studied in minute detail. Everything from your forehead, to your ears were deliberated on…..this could explain, the concept of ‘beady-eyes’.

Fractal 1

Podomancy – We rarely give a thought to our feet until they give us a problem, and most of us have heard of an alternative form of healing called reflexology, which involves pressure being applied to certain areas of the feet.  However, should you have lived in the orient centuries ago, or even been an Iranian resident (Previously, known as Persia) you would have made regular visits to a ‘foot’ diviner, because your feet were believed to symbolic of your soul, and gave insight into who you were as a person?

During such appointments, your feet would have been evaluated in detail, and your personality and characteristics determined by such things as; the shape, the length, and breadth, as well as the height of your arches. Even the size of your toes, didn’t escape notice…. It was said; high arched feet were indicative of an intelligent person, but if you had flat feet, you were renowned as being a bit too practical, although I do wonder what it meant, if you had smelly feet or even athlete’s foot?

Spasmatomancy – At one time or another, you’ll have experienced a twitchy leg, or an unexpected sneeze, and not given it a second thought, but if you’d lived in ancient Greece (always the Greek, isn’t it?) you may have rushed off to a Spasmotomancer for a quick bit of fortune-telling.

This forward-thinking diviner was responsible for interpreting any bodily convulsions, or itches, or twitches, even hiccups came under their domain. In fact, the age-old adage about money coming in when the right palm itches would’ve been dealt with by them, but be warned if your left eyebrow pulsates then an enemy may be encountered.

I can imagine; this would have been a nice little earner, as most days; some part of our body is a little jittery.

Divination 4

There are various other divinations methods that have been used over the years, some are still in use today, but the strangest to my mind is; Phallomancy which requires the subject not be female, as it’s a very sensitive part of the male anatomy that’s the bodily organ, used as a predictive tool.

Should you wish to delve further into the art of divination, I recommend; The Element Encyclopaedia of the Psychic World written by Theresa Cheung, or if you prefer to do your research online

Do You Use Your; Body Intuition Spots?

If you’re ambivalent about the existence of spirit, or don’t necessarily believe that life goes on, but do agree that you have amazing intuition, then using your own body to give you straight, ‘yes and no’ answers may be the method for you.

It does take some practice and getting use to, but like meditation it can be done anywhere, and literally takes a few minutes once you are proficient.

Sat on a train, or stood in a bus queue, and need an answer to a perplexing problem, then this will help you, it requires no magical tools, or specific clothing, or even mindset….all you need, is; you.

I do suggest however, that until you are au fait with the process, you carry out the procedure in a safe, quiet spot, like your bedroom.

Our World

Our World

  • Sit in a comfortable place, close your eyes and calm your breathing. You will need to feel silence both inside and out, and ‘physical’listening is required.
  • Be conscious of your body, your whole body. Do not centre on aches and pains. Run a quick mental scan down yourself, so that you are vaguely aware of existing sensations within your body.
  • Once you feel ready, ask yourself a ‘true’ test question 3 times, for example “Is my name…………in this lifetime?” Each time, check where sensation has altered within your body. It can be very slight at first, and may be as minor as a flutter in your stomach. This is your ‘yes’ intuition spot.

(NB: I use the term ‘in this lifetime’ as you will have had other names previously. If you categorically do not believe in past-lives, you do not need to add this phrase).

  • Next, ask yourself an ‘untrue’ question 3 times, for example “Do I have green hair?” and again, check your body for a change in feeling, somewhere. This is your ‘no’ intuition spot.
  • Practice this process with test questions as frequently as you want until you feel comfortable, or certain that you have recognised your ‘intuition spots’, and then ask yourself questions to which you do not know the answer, and check if the answer affects your ‘yes’ or ‘no’ intuition spots.
  • Over time you’ll begin to trust this process, and it will strengthen the connection to your actual intuition, and you’ll have confidence in your answers.