The Magic In Life, Is Close At Hand.

During the difficult times of life, don’t feel discouraged, for if we look hard enough;
we’ll always find a little magic somewhere.

From the affection; in your families eyes,
To the companionship; given by a friend.
The warmth and tenderness felt when cuddling a favourite pet.
A child’s tinkling laughter that can bring; an answering smile.

Flowers blooming, in glorious colour,
Changing seasons, that add beauty and growth.
White cotton wool clouds; floating across a clear sky,
Rainbows shimmering with colour, after the rain.
Amazing creatures that roam; across wide, and beautiful lands,
People of many races, yet with like-minded souls.

Words of kindness and comfort offered with love,
A helping hand, held out, and freely given when required.
Someone who listens; when tears start to fall,
A shoulder, to lean on; when problems arise.

If we just take a minute, to look at our world,
We’ll see Magic all around us, a real joy to behold.
So, on days when your path seems troublesome and weary,
Remember that you have; enchantment around you,
That has no price, all it requires, is we open our eyes.

Winger Earth

7 Absolute Best Tools To Protect Yourself From Negative Energies & Entities

7 Absolute Best Tools To Protect Yourself From Negative Energies & Entities.

My New Motto – Live A Life with No Regrets!

During a family get together yesterday, conversation turned to an in-law of mine who recently had a cancer scare, and subsequently made dramatic changes to her life…….my first thought; was to applaud her bravery, rather than worry about the impact her sea change would have on her being perceived, as a ‘responsible’ person.

Sometimes we worry too much about; being a grown-up. We spend our lives trying to do the accepted thing. Trying to live our lives to other people’s expectations, and then we reach our older years, with regrets for the things that might-have-been.

Eagle creativity

Do you have a dream or a goal, you’re not pursuing?

Do you have an idea; only to find friends and relatives, tell you “you can’t do that’?

Do you worry that, minor risks you might only be; considering taking, could upset the status quo?

Do you put another person’s wants & needs, before your own?

If you do find yourself doing any of these things, I’m going to ask you a question, I’ve just asked myself: Why?


When you reach your last few days of this life; would you like to look back over the years and think: “That was one hell of ride” or would you prefer to think “Well, like a good girl/boy, I did everything that was asked of me”?

So many people leave this earth prematurely, whether by accident, or design, and sometimes; very unexpectedly. (This occurred to my own; much-missed father, and I’m sure he had regrets).

Imagine how many dreams they didn’t get the opportunity to achieve?

Wouldn’t you like to live a dream for one of them?

If something is nagging at you, something you’ve pushed aside, no matter how big or small, wouldn’t you like to pull it out of its attic, and at least; give it a try? Even if you fail, you’ll know you did your best, and that’s an accomplishment in itself.

So my challenge to you is; try to live a life without regrets. And for those, who always dreamed of owning their own inn/bed & breakfast/small hotel have a look at this competition on The Write Life website.

Dream catcher

Give; And You Shall Receive.

As children, I’m sure most of us were told by our parents; it’s better to give than receive, but has this just taken away our ability to manifest, thereby amplifying our belief in scarcity?

Do we second-guess our own capacity to donate to charity, or give our last penny to a homeless man, and do we; worry about spending our hard-earned money on something we truly desire?


On a recent trip to Perth city library, I walked along a busy mall, and noticed a beggar sat on the street ahead of me, and being aware that I only had a few dollars in my purse – I hadn’t planned on shopping – I immediately began to consciously calculate the money I had, and deliberated over giving this poor unfortunate some of my meagre coin.

Almost straight-away, I heard someone whisper “remember the law of threefold-return”, and without thinking anymore, I handed this man some of my precious gold coins……in return, he gave me a beaming smile, and a grateful ‘thank you’.

Thinking no more about it, I got on with my day!

Chinese Coins

Three hours later; I received a phone call from a local retail outlet advising I had won a family pass to the Perth Zoo. It was a very welcome prize, as I love to spend time amongst animals, and…….it was worth a lot more, than the few dollars I’d given to the homeless gentleman.

So…next time you think about giving; do it happily because not only are you helping someone less fortunate than yourself, you may even receive something incredible in return. Perhaps it won’t be anything tangible, but bringing a smile to the recipient’s face, is reward enough.