Do You Use Your; Body Intuition Spots?

If you’re ambivalent about the existence of spirit, or don’t necessarily believe that life goes on, but do agree that you have amazing intuition, then using your own body to give you straight, ‘yes and no’ answers may be the method for you.

It does take some practice and getting use to, but like meditation it can be done anywhere, and literally takes a few minutes once you are proficient.

Sat on a train, or stood in a bus queue, and need an answer to a perplexing problem, then this will help you, it requires no magical tools, or specific clothing, or even mindset….all you need, is; you.

I do suggest however, that until you are au fait with the process, you carry out the procedure in a safe, quiet spot, like your bedroom.

Our World

Our World

  • Sit in a comfortable place, close your eyes and calm your breathing. You will need to feel silence both inside and out, and ‘physical’listening is required.
  • Be conscious of your body, your whole body. Do not centre on aches and pains. Run a quick mental scan down yourself, so that you are vaguely aware of existing sensations within your body.
  • Once you feel ready, ask yourself a ‘true’ test question 3 times, for example “Is my name…………in this lifetime?” Each time, check where sensation has altered within your body. It can be very slight at first, and may be as minor as a flutter in your stomach. This is your ‘yes’ intuition spot.

(NB: I use the term ‘in this lifetime’ as you will have had other names previously. If you categorically do not believe in past-lives, you do not need to add this phrase).

  • Next, ask yourself an ‘untrue’ question 3 times, for example “Do I have green hair?” and again, check your body for a change in feeling, somewhere. This is your ‘no’ intuition spot.
  • Practice this process with test questions as frequently as you want until you feel comfortable, or certain that you have recognised your ‘intuition spots’, and then ask yourself questions to which you do not know the answer, and check if the answer affects your ‘yes’ or ‘no’ intuition spots.
  • Over time you’ll begin to trust this process, and it will strengthen the connection to your actual intuition, and you’ll have confidence in your answers.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask. The Answer Isn’t Always ‘No’….Or….. If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get.

As humans, we’re predisposed to ‘not ask’ when we need to, or even want to, and this little character trait of ours’ can stop us living life fully. In some cases, it can impede us on our life’s path……how would you feel, if your reticence ‘to ask’ meant you didn’t; fulfil your destiny, or make a longed-for success of your life?

Unfortunately, we expect to get a negative answer, no matter our question, and irrespective of who we’re asking. But, is that our problem, and not theirs? Does our pride get in the way? Or, is it a feeling of insecurity, or even ‘unwarranted’ paranoia?


Has there ever been something you’ve wanted to attempt, but not gathered the courage to do it, because it would mean ‘asking’ for something?

I felt that way myself, many years back, when I wanted to test my talents with psychometry on ancient artefacts. I’d always had an interest in Archaeology (and, still do), but I didn’t know how to combine both these things. So, what did I do…….I emailed major London museums, asking if I’d be allowed to experiment with any of their exhibits. Some replied, some didn’t, but imagine my surprise, when a curator at the most renowned of all; ‘The British Museum’ gave me a resounding ‘Yes!”

British MUseum

British Museum

An appointment was made, and to my astonishment; I was allowed behind the scenes of hallowed halls, and even permitted to ‘touch’ some extremely valuable relics.

Firstly, I was permitted to visit a workroom behind their Egyptian rooms and presented with a small assortment of relics, obviously not too valuable, and primarily; pieces of building work, or glassware…….unfortunately, the results weren’t stupendous. However, I was then shown to a locked, secure room behind the Roman Coins collection. What an honour that was. Truly, an incredible experience!  Lingering in that safe room, for approximately an hour with a member of the museum staff nearby, I handled coins that I’ve only ever seen behind glass, and the results there, surpassed even my expectations.

It’s an experience, that I’ll never forget, no matter how old I become.  I would never have had this amazing opportunity if I hadn’t ‘asked’. So, if there’s something you want to try, and you’re fretting over it, Just ‘ask’. Even if your respondent says no, at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing, you were brave enough to enquire in the first place.

The Colosseum, Rome

The Colosseum, Rome