Returning to the Fold, via Whipsnade & Other Places.

After numerous months away……I’m back!

Not that I’ve been away – well, except for a short UK holiday – I just lost control of my life for a while.  But, you’ll be pleased to hear; I’m starting to regain ownership.

Because, of other commitments, over the next few weeks my posts will primarily be pictorial, but; at least, I’m here!  And, can I just say…….I’ve missed you all.

During my trip back to Ol’ Blighty, I went to one of my favourite places on earth; Whipsnade Zoo. There’s so much to see, and as you’ll note from the following images the animals well cared for, with plenty of room to roam.


It’s the bear necessities, la-la-la.


Esme; Does my bum look big in this?


Like this George, It’s not so hard on the neck.


Stay still Tildy, and they’ll never see us


Oi, Bozo! You looking at me?


Eenie-meenie-minie-mo. Gotta love this behind-glass food, huh Bert?


How long; is this cold shoulder business gonna last, Sweetie?  I’ve said; sorry!


Bet you’d love to see us close up? Oh well, thems the breaks…hehe


Bit more realism Harry, she’s not even watching.


Dunes!  My kingdom, for just one sand dune.


What, you lot, looking at?  You never seen a Tiger pacing before…..puh-lease!


Fred…..Listen; You can’t fly….alright?


So I’m a little shy…sue me!


Girls, we on the ceiling or the floor?


So, what time did you say Santa was due?


Penguins & Foxes – Dream Messages from Spirit Perhaps?

Whenever I’m experiencing issues in my life, or if I’m under stress, my dreams become more prominent, but lately they’ve been a little weirder than usual, and I can only put it down to; spirit communication. After all, when was the last time you dreamt about penguins infiltrating a cafe?

Penguin Chef

Now don’t get me wrong, my penguins weren’t actually working in the cafe, although they may have been dressed in the customary ‘black & white’, but they were a definite presence.  Not only did a young one sit on my feet, perhaps he was imprinting, I’m not sure, but another, and a quite big fellow – I remember thinking he was an emperor – cuddled up to my back and clung on for all he was worth.

They were beautiful birds, but even in my dream state, I felt very perplexed about the whole thing, and to top it off, the evening before; foxes paraded through my nighttime visions. No, they weren’t at the local supermarket or anything like that. They were, actually in a field, I recall a vixen, with a couple of pups. I can still see the soft sheen of their red fur.

As some of you may be aware, I love all animals, big, small, crawling or flying, you name it, I love them, but still……….both these visits were a little unexpected, so I decided to look at the symbolism behind them, in case, someone was trying to knock on my door, and I wasn’t listening.

Penguin Angel

I discovered that penguin is a sign of……

  • Patience and endurance.
  • Order within chaos.
  • Renewal & evolution.
  • Astral projection & waking (lucid) dreams.
  • Being close to a breakthrough.
  • Being burdened with negativity, when dreaming of penguins.
  • Connection to the spiritual realm, & having intuitive insight.
  • The capability to solve your problems.
  • Father figure – perhaps this is where the emperor came in, as the emperor tarot card generally relates to an older man.


The fox is a symbol of….

  • Cunning & stealth.
  • Caring about, & for others.
  • Intelligence & loyalty.
  • Wisdom & observational skills.
  • Determination & intensity, when aiming for a goal.
  • Solving problems with cleverness & persistence, to reach a solution.
  • The capability to reverse any situation.
  • Shapeshifting, invisibility & adaptability.
  • View you situation as it actually is, not as you perceive it to be.
  • Someone in your life may be sly & sneaky, and you may need to conceal your thoughts (this is especially true when dreaming about foxes).

I’ll keep you apprised when I get another visitor, who knows; it might be a pterodactyl in a tutu.