Find Your Own ‘Unicorn’ and; Rediscover the Magic In Life.

Many, many years ago, my parents; gifted me with silver Unicorn pendant that they had hand-crafted especially for me, and I frequently wear this beautiful creature around my neck, together with a silver medallion, etched with a wolf howling at the moon…..these two magical beings are my primary totems. They stand on either side of me in spirit……and when I started on the spiritual path, a friend gave me 2 ceramic Unicorns, one black & one white, that she had kiln-fired herself. They were a wonderful gift and are incredibly beautiful.

There are times in life, when things; don’t always go as planned, when the road seems rocky, and challenges abound, at times like this my Unicorn and its icons remind me, “No matter how difficult life can get, if we look hard enough, we’ll find a little bit of magic somewhere”.

The world around us, in all its glory, is a beautiful place and we have friends and family that are; always in our corner, no matter what, and we’re lucky enough to experience; rainbows after the rain, flowers that bloom in bright colours, amazing animals that roam, and the beauty of a winter’s day, but; if these aren’t things that you consider magical, find something that does touch your heart…..I found; Unicorn.

Unicorns may be a mythical creature, yet in pagan religions, it’s classed as a divine being that belongs to the moon goddess. Its horn, sometimes said; to be twisted with precious metal, is not only healing but also, purifying, and as legend dictates; only those with a pure, and honest heart, are able to tame Unicorn  It’s a creature that features in everything from; the bible (Deuteronomy  33.17) to fairy tales (The Last Unicorn), from famous tapestries (The Hunt Of The Unicorn) to, heraldic shields (royal coat-of-arms of the United Kingdom) so whether you believe in them or not, both they and magic, are firmly entrenched in our history.

“No matter how difficult life can get, it


Caterpillar’s Alchemy

How often do you see a Caterpillar crawling through your well-tended plants, and curse it, for the damage it’ll do? Or, have you even ‘disposed’ of it, or been tempted to; in a manner, which wouldn’t be considered humane?

When you see something big, hairy and wiggly crawl across your path, do you immediately consider it a garden pest, or do you look at it; as a creature that will ‘shortly’ transmute into some beautiful? Something striking, that will only add to the beauty of your garden?

We’ve learnt through the years, whether at school or through another means, that a caterpillar will eventually become a butterfly, or a moth, much the same way a tadpole becomes a frog, but; unless we’re spiritually aware, we’d never consider how beneficial; Caterpillar’s appearance could be to our lives.

In Australia, we’re at the tail-end of winter and spring is starting to come into view, flowers are blossoming, and birds are happily courting a mate, so I shouldn’t have been surprised to see caterpillars, of all sizes on a daily basis, cavorting amongst the plants, some days, I’ve even seen 3 or 4. One after the other………it was a revelation though; to see a caterpillar crawl along a spiritual finger – during a meditation – and subsequently clamber onto my shoulder, then sit on his tail (do they have tails?), whilst reaching towards my face.

I figured Spirit had a message for me, that wasn’t divulged at the time, so I did a little research and discovered that Caterpillar is symbolic of:

• Transmutation like a caterpillar, into something beautiful.
• The ability to create a sturdy foundation, for a wonderful future.
• The ability to be discreet and to hide one’s secrets, as well keep one’s head down – be invisible.
• Great potential & good luck, when starting something new.
• New Birth & evolution – transforming your life for the better.
• Imbues the ability to patiently wait, for a pleasant outcome.
• Enables one to face forwards to the future, not backwards to the past.
• Listening to your intuition, before running ahead with a new goal or dream.
• Sensitivity and creativity.

Also, caterpillar’s appearance could imply:

• We’re not changing, or shedding our old life to prepare for new one.
• Someone could be obstructing us, but may not be open about it, therefore we need the ability to see others pragmatically, or as they really are – caterpillar can help with this.
• The acceptance that; when our life changes, it may not be comfortable, or recognisable.

When considering, caterpillar, it’s also worth looking at Butterfly’s spiritual message:

• Transformation and transition, from one life to another.
• Spiritual growth and resurrection.
• The Soul – in some traditions, the sighting of a butterfly signifies the passing of a soul, over to Spirit. It’s said they carry the spirit of the dead to Heaven.
• It can signify the; emergence of happiness and joy in your life, together with life’s celebration. Or, it may be asking you to look for the joy in your life if you’ve misplaced it. We all do, on occasion.
• The cyclical nature of life, similar to the Wheel of Fortune in Tarot – sometimes are lives are ‘up’ and sometimes; they’re ‘down’.
• It’s time to become more spiritually minded – the elevation of our spiritual self.

So next time you’re about to step on a little wiggly creature, ask yourself; what he may be telling you.

Oh, and just a little codicil to this post; today, I rescued 3 wasps. Two were attempting to drown them-selves in the pool, and a 3rd was wandering around the kitchen – I guess, I’d better check to see what they’re here to disclose……as long as it doesn’t come with a sting, even a metaphorical one……

And, should I mention that; a few days ago, I had a dream involving a Tortoise climbing some stairs, whilst wearing a train conductor’s hat…..The start of a children’s story, maybe?

What Will Have An Impact On Your Heart?

I’ve just spent two days caring for a beautiful baby, Rainbow Lorikeet that came into my possession very unexpectedly, and even though I only had it for a short time, it left an indelible impression on my heart.

One of my sisters and a niece had been walking one evening, and discovered this young bird sat on a grassy verge, they left it alone believing it’s mother was nearby, but four days later when the fledgling was still there they called me……I’m the ‘obsessive’ animal person in our family group.

Over the next few days, I cosseted, and fed this lovely creature, at times believing it may die, all the while knowing that I should pass its care over to someone more experienced in Australian native wildlife. When it cried; I held it until it settled and stopped shivering. I ensured it was safe and warm at night, and I fed it apricot nectar until it had a smile on its face……all the while knowing; this had to be a short-term connection for the baby’s own well-being.

After two days, I convinced myself to call our local RSPCA who advised that they would be able to pass my charge onto a Wildlife shelter that they regularly dealt with, so like a responsible person I passed my baby over………but……I do miss him.

After giving him up, I wanted to discover why spirit had sent this little one to me, and found that these beautiful rainbow coloured birds are symbolic of:

  • Wonderful communication skills – my little fella was very vocal.
  • Connection to the rainbow – maybe my friend, was sent to bring more colour to my world.
  • The capacity, to see another’s viewpoint, or opinion – my little one reminded me how; someone else would be able to care for him better.
  • Love of language – writing this post, enabled me to get back to my blog after a few weeks away.
  • Helps you make the right choice – I did that, when I gave him up.
  • Recognition of one’s soul mate – I did love this little bird, and a soul mate can come in all shapes and sizes, and it does not have to mean a romantic relationship.

I was very surprised at the impact this tiny creature had on my heart after such a short period of time, because I’m the person that’s always; dog-sitting, or bird-feeding, or animal-rescuing, so maybe spirit just wanted to remind me that we not only need to care for each other, but also for all the creatures of the world, no matter how big or small.

Just to end this post, I must say; guess who’s already rung both the RSPCA and the Wildlife shelter to check on her little baby bird, and it’s not even been 24 hours?

Our Spirit Guides Are Exactly Like You & Me, They Just, Don’t Have Physical Bodies.

I guess, some people would consider me a little blasé about my relationship with my guides because I generally refer to them as; The Guys Upstairs, but as they don’t seem to mind, why should anyone else?

Don’t get me wrong, I can be very respectful when talking to them, but I don’t let them run roughshod over me. As far as I’m concerned, one’s connection with one’s guides should be a two-way street. We don’t work for them, or vice-versa. We work together in cohesive harmony. This enables us to complete the tasks that we agreed to before incarnation.

When you have a healthy rapport with them, it almost feels like you have an ‘invisible’ family walking alongside you, because they are just like you and me. They love, they laugh, they get frustrated with us (I’m sure mine do, frequently), they share our sorrows, they can get impatient, and irritated – remember, they once walked on the earth in human form too – they also have their likes and dislikes, just like us.

It’s true, they’re here to guide and teach us, but they’re also aware that we have to live ‘this’ life. Otherwise, what’s the point of being in human form if we learn nothing from it? So they’re happy for us to make mistakes, they don’t expect perfection, but, one little codicil here; neither do they like us hurting other people…..big NO-NO there!

Native American 1899 - with thanks to tpsdave on

Native American 1899 – with thanks to tpsdave on

Our guides come in all shapes & sizes, just like people. They also come from all levels of spirit. Naturally, the more advanced we are, the more knowledgeable the teacher, and, they can be a bit sneaky at times. To give you an example, when I first come into my abilities I worked with an Olmec warrior called ‘Tkastioun’, but once I became proficient, I found myself working with a Sioux Chieftain called ‘Grey Wolf although, because the spiritual energy remained the same, it was very disconcerting at times.

(A lot of spirit guides are Native American, because of their level of spirituality, as a culture, not ours’).

After a little discussion with my supposed ‘new’ guide I discovered, they were one and the same, but because of my spiritual progression, I was allowed to communicate with him in his real guise. It seems that ‘Tkastioun’ was a previous incarnation of Grey Wolf’s, almost like training wheels for me……it doesn’t mean I don’t miss seeing, Tkastioun’s face occasionally though.

When conversing with, or talking about our spirit guides – not to be confused with Guardian Angels – we must remember that we have more than one. Yes, we have a highest guide, but we also have; healers, teachers, creativity guides, counsellors & listeners, even prior, and deceased family members can be part of our circle. In fact, there’s a train of thought that, our actual guides are departed family. That’s not been my experience though.

It’s also possible to ‘borrow’ a particular type of guide if you have a goal you’d like to fulfil. For example, if you want to write a book, and don’t believe you have the necessary skills, you can ask for a creativity guide to join your little group. They generally do this on a temporary basis, but who says you can’t ask for a long-term contract?

During my years working as a clairvoyant medium, on numerous occasions I was asked to described a particular client’s guide(s) – they don’t all visit at the same time, they’re busy too – and I was frequently queried about personal moments, and I can assure you; our guides do know the meaning of the word discretion. Fortunately, they’re not at all vicarious, and know whether they’re welcome, or not, as the case may be.

Dream Catcher with thanks to PublicDomainPictures on

Dream Catcher with thanks to PublicDomainPictures on

Many years ago, I was very privileged to have pictures of my guides drawn by Coral Polge, who was an amazing UK medium and spiritual artist. Unfortunately, Coral passed away in 2001 but her renderings were so lifelike, that they gave an authenticity to my contact with my ‘invisible’ family, and I recommend if you can find an artist with such skill, that you do obtain pictures of your guides……it will make them seem more real to you.

I will also state; we do not have to contact our guides if we prefer not to, but that doesn’t mean; that they aren’t there. They will still walk alongside us, protecting and guiding us when required, so talk to them, they’ll appreciate the acknowledgement.

Just a quick, final comment; we also have animals in spirit that walk with us, and they can be loved pets that have passed on , as well as power animals, but that’s for another post.

“Wolf Spirit Animal”

Shamanic Dreams of a Pagan Earth


“Wolf Spirit Animal”

By Elena Harris, Editor

(Go check out her great site for more information and to answer the quiz to find your spirit animal!)

“The wolf offers some of the most striking animal meanings in the realm of spirit animals. The power of the wolf brings forth instinct, intelligence, appetite for freedom, and awareness of the importance of social connections. This animal can also symbolize fear of being threatened and lack of trust. When the wolf shows up in your life, pay attention to what your intuition is telling you.

What is the wolf spirit animal meaning?

In the spirit animal kingdom, the wolf symbolizes:

-Sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts
-Appetite for freedom
-Expression of strong instincts
-Feeling threatened, lack of trust in someone or in yourself

Positive symbolism of the wolf spirit animal:

Positive meanings emphasize a deep connection with your intuition and instincts. On…

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